How to lock ring volume in WP810


How can I block the ring volume in WP810. P8392 does not work?
In the office, employees constantly turn down the sound


Same issue with multiple customer. Please add ring tone setting, ring vol setting, and ring lock, and DND disable please.


Same issues with multiple customers, seems many people do. Unfortunately this should be an easy firmware fix and it seems to fall on deaf ears at Grandstream. Snom handles this very well, those phones can block many options including entire function keys, etc.

Some customers are accidentally silencing the ringtone because the side buttons are easy to hit in a pocket.

Disable change ring tone/ring vol/and DND are sorely needed.



@damiano70, We have tried that, and after weeks of constant requests for screen shots and , “where do you see the feature code” there hasn’t been any movement on the ticket or attempt at getting somebody in development to fix or re-enable the feature, or add the feature back.

Does anyone have a contact inside GS that can review this or move it forward in some meaningful way?


this is just a user-user forum,
above I sent you the link for Grandstream Support, nothing else can be done here