How to link AP's to GWN700


New to Granstream, so don’t know if I am doing this right? I am having trouble linking the GS7630’s AP’s to the 7000. I have them link to our cloud account but not able to find them within the GUI of the 7000. Also what is the best best way you guy manage these router offsite? All on are current versions of releases and the 7000 is on the beta version. Any help would be appreciated, Thank you.


They would be linked to one or the other, not both. Off-site I suggest cloud (GDMS).


I think that is


So the 7000 can be managed by the cloud?


No. the GWN7000 can only be managed via its web GUI.

The APs on the other hand can be managed by Personally I would use the Cloud over the GWN7000.


Ok, thats what I thought. I am beta testing for our company. Looking to offer other great options to our customers. I do have have 3x 6730’s already back to our cloud account. Probably need to do a VPN to mange the router. So far so good. Just installed everything this past weekend and I have seen a great improvement in my network especially the wifi but I do not have all my VPNs and VLANS configured yet. Just a basic flat network. But I don’t think that will make much difference in network performance.


as per my recommendation, you fair have to be check videos related to your inquiry you get best thoughts almost it once you checked it!