How to know if device is provisioned by GDMS


We were just asked to take over an existing installation that was not working to the client’s satisfaction. While doing our early stage review of the phones, I see that the phones are not being provisioned by Zero Config, even though they are set up there. I am wondering if the phones were provisioned by GDMS or setup manually.

Is there a way to see if a phone is being provisioned by GDMS?

If not, can such an indicator be added?

It seems to me that such information can be very useful under several scenarios. What I am thinking of is something that would show that the phone has a GDMS registration and a date/time stamp of when the last time it got provisioned by GDMS (and perhaps the account that the provisioning came from).


your question is certainly interesting and for me it’s +1.
If you look at the maintenance page of the phone you shouldn’t see “” so can you see that it was done with GDMS?


Dear user,

Thank you for using GDMS platform! Your suggestions are very important to us!

If this is a feature request for our devices side, my understanding is: once the phone has been provisioned, if there is a tag to show where the provisioning template comes from, it will help some users to know it under some complex scenarios.
If this is a feature request for GDMS platform, my understanding is: if the device has been provisioned by UCM platform or other platforms, GDMS platform shows the device has been provisioned by xxx (maybe IP address).

We recommend users to only use 1 management platform for the device in order to avoid conflict. Please kindly help to advise the details of the feature request and I will save it for future evaluation.

Thank you!


Until the UCMs and all phones are fully managed by GDMS there are going to be reasons to use both Zero Config and GDMS for phone configuration IMHO.

What I am looking for is a flag on the phone’s web GUI that will tell me if the phone is defined in GDMS, and ideally, the account that has it defined.

My case in point. I have just had a customer move over to us from another “reseller” that couldn’t get the job done. Since I can’t talk to that reseller, I am having to figure out what’s what by examining the system.

My concern is that if the phone’s are defined in that “reseller’s” GDMS, I may have ongoing problems with my changes being over written.

Now it has taken some time to be abel to get the serial numbers for the phones and I have been able to add them to my GDMS (and I am assuming that a phone cannot be added to more than one GDMS account; can it be?), so I have hopefully answered this question in this instance. However I can see this becomig an ongoing concern as more of use use GDMS.

Another question is how does one take-over a phone that is defined on someone else’s GDMS account. Can you advise?


You can’t ask the previous company?

I understand it would be great but in the short term?


I got the MACs and S/Ns and registerd them into our GDMS. I assume, pending feedback from @GSSupport74, that a device can only be registed once.

I anxiously await Grandstream’s answer to my questions…


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback! For the 1st question, I think your request is recommended to add a tag in the device’s Web UI or LCD UI that indicating the device has been provisioned by “xxx platform” (maybe IP address), so that the user could know where the device gets the template. This should be a feature request for each model device and we need to evaluate this request before considering to add it.

For the 2nd question, if the user wants to take-over a phone that is defined on someone else’s GDMS account, the user needs to ask the device owner to disassociate the device from GDMS platform first before adding it to your GDMS account, or if your account is a sub-account or subordinate organization of the owner’s account, you can ask that GDMS account to assign the device to your account.

Let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks for your feedback!

Thank you!



  1. Not exactly. What i need to know is if the device is configured or associated with a GDMS account. Whether it got provisioned from there is a seperate but valid option.

  2. I hope you are not asking me to make seperate requests for this, one fro each model device. That is counter-inuitive IMHO. What I am asking is for Grandstream to make a corporate decision to do this accross all devices, just like it made the decision to have each current device work with GDMS. IMHO any device that works with GDMS should have to incorporate this into it’s web GUI.

  3. Please advise how an end-user is going to disassociate anything from GDMS?
    With the rare exception where a user has setup a device on their GDMS, most installers would be doing this under their own account.
    Threrefore, IMHO, it is incumbent upon Grandstream to put in place a system and/or procedures to handle this eventuallity. It is not uncommon for technical support to change for a company over time, and this change is not always pleasant or supported by the company losing the account.

I look forward to your response.


Change in support company is not always well recceived or cooperated with by the company losing the client. So, no.


Dear Drostoker,

Thanks a lot for your feedback! I understand your request now. I will share your suggestion with our developers and our developers will evaluate this request. You do not need to post this request for each model.

The end-user can go to Device menu to delete this device (Device -> select the device -> More -> Delete). We can also do this for users from server side but we need to verify the identity of the user and get the authority from the device owner.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions and testing!

Thank you!


Hello @GSSuport74,

I only added it to you and your team for consideration. As you said before “The end-user can go to the Device menu to delete this device (Device -> select device -> Other -> Delete)”, is this intended for the end-user? If it is intended for the end-user, what if it is not the end-user who registered it to their GDMS but the “previous reseller” registered it in their own GDMS? This is the problem. Maybe I’m overdoing it, but (I hope that doesn’t happen) how did one day, previous reseller cheat by changing all settings on the end-user devices so that end-user devices doesn’t function properly because they already have mac address and s/n number of the end-user devices? the reason is maybe they are so angry or so disappointed because they have lost their customer

I hope this will be input for you and your team


Dear Ray4778,

Thank you for your feedback! If another user wants to manage the device which is already in a GDMS account, the user needs to ask the GDMS account owner to disassociate the device from GDMS platform, so that the user can associate it to his/her own account. If this solution is not available for the user, the user can contact with our regional support to verify the identity and try to resolve this from GDMS server side. In your given case, we recommend resellers to assign the devices to the customer via ERP system, and once the customer receives the devices from ERP system, the reseller will lose the manage privilege of the devices. If the customer cannot resolve the problem, our GDMS administrator can handle it from server side. Thanks for your suggestion and testing!

Thank you!


Dear @GSSupport74,

Thank you for your answer. I hope you can accommodate the thoughts and suggestions of Mr. David. Mr. David’s thoughts and suggestions are very useful

Thank You


Yes, all of your suggestions are very important to us to improve GDMS platform! Thank you for your suggestions and I will consult these suggestions with our GDMS developers.

Thank you!