How to get Real time an incoming call notification


Hello Dear Experts

Our company is using UCM62XX series IP PBX. It is good working, but we want real time incoming call notification on third party a web server or on any operating system. It is enough just including caller ID (dialer phone number).

UCM 62XX has a similar feature which is sent for notification after the call ended. The feature name is CDR Real-time Output Settings.

My main goal is real time incoming call notifications send to 3rd party. A call incoming to UCM then the UCM sends the data (notification) it is including a dealer phone number to the 3rd party server.

Is there possible in the next generation UCM series? Do you know any solution for it.
Please help me.Thank you very much.
I’m looking forward you. :slight_smile:


AMI only for now (http api push not implemented yet)
AMi show you all so you need script to filter it.

CDR is AFTER call, as it include data for end call to.


Thank you @Marcin

CDR reports are good. No problem.
Do you have any suggested script and idea. :smiley:


AMI will show you all info just need filter what you need. It is small programmer job if you want to have calls in other system.