How to get bigger quick-dial buttons?


how do I set up bigger quick dial buttons on the GXV 3350 screen?
in the example below I actived 4 accounts and set up 3 quick dial buttons.

but for the sake of accessability I would prefer to have a screen with only 3 big quick dial button.

is this possible?


You can try changing the display options in the MPK app -> Menu.

You should be able to add the type and number so that it makes the button larger.

Other than that, there’s no way.


ok, and is there a way to only show the 3 MPK for quick dial without the 4 accounts?


Not sure what you mean by the 4 accounts but if you go into MPK -> Gear Menu -> Display format, you can change how they appear and it makes it bigger the more info you choose. Note that the widget is also resizable.


in the picture of the Widget I have 7 fields with entries:
the first 4 are the Accounts I set up in the phone (Eingang, Garten, Garten alt, and the other 3 are the MPK I set up (to make direct calls to the Intercoms).

I want to show only the 3 MPK buttons in a Widget - how do I do this?
there are predefined Widget option but these always show the Accounts and the MPKs.
(I also have some GXV 3240 and there I use a widget that only has MPK)


I don’t think you can hide the accounts on this model.


unfortunate, but ok. in any case thanks for your help