How to export / backup call history on Android GS Wave?


How to export the complete call history of Grandstream Wave App (here in use latest rev. on Android phone? Btw.: accessing a file or copying it onto the SD-Card would be fine (to export all the entries for applying statistics with a spreadsheet program or other use. Re-import after factory reset of phone is not requested but would be nice. Btw.: it is my own phone and the reason for the request is simply that I do not want to spend hours and hours by manually write down all the entries (and with the risk of making mistakes). Just being able to export or copy the entire call history list would simplify the things.



Grandstream Wave is available for android, Iphone and ipad. Editor allows managers to transfer calls to third-party my prepaid center stakeholders and other and web calls into one place with full customer relationship history , customer network that guarantees uptime with extraneous backup servers ready to kick in at any time.