How to download language pack of UCM 6208?


How to download language pack of UCM 6208 ? I need English Voice Prompt Package for UCM 6208.
Language pack in Check Prompt List is just installation not download.

Please share it.


The UCM needs to be connected to the internet to download a language pack.


I’m creating my own language using Voice Prompt Customization Package in UCM. My language doesn’t exists in check prompt List UCM.


You said you wanted an English Prompt set. Why do you need a custom one?


mmm. English pack will be guide to create own language pack, I replace own language sound at original english pack.

Voice prompt questions

Have you followed this guide?


it is good guide but I don’t know folders structures (need subfolders)



Hasn’t Voice Prompt folder included subfolders? It contains all sound files.


Structure is in xls (if file need Dir you will see it).


thank you.


Here is some language package exists.


I can’t find out this sound . :frowning:


Again: WHY you need ENGLISH voice ?
You need record your with that name only.


Thank you. @Marcin. Some voice need for me. But this solution solved.


That will give you an insight into how it is structured using Asterisk Sounds files.



Can’t seem to download via the link?



a file structure for Voice Prompt Customization Package in UCM


@Telefonix Marc its now fixed