How to diagnose outbound calls?



I am seeking help on how to diagnose outbound calls on UCM 65xx
Unfortunately I have been struggling with outbound call on OVH for quite sometime without any success.
I tried SSH into the PBX but there is nothing that can be done or else I am not aware of the commands.
Kindly requested to assist me solving this long standing issue.
P.S I have outbound call working on FXO.
Incoming call through OVH are working. Also my trunk shows blue color ie. up and running on the dashboard.
Looking forward to your help.


Packet capture is used for troubleshooting SIP problems.


I can not find any solution to the problem for more than 5 months.
My sip accounts ovh its very well set, I receive the call but can not make an outgoing call from my sip accounts.
I really ask you to help me because I am not able to change another pabx after investing my budget on a 6510 ucm.
I really have everything about the parameter and the sip lines are well save outgoing call problem.
I try my sip account at a friend who has yeastar and it works directly.


Without packets it is not possible for me to guess what is wrong.
Just start it, try call and share file (can be PM if you do not want add it on forum - packet have login data)


Once again thank your reply.
I am having a bit of confusion with the filter, it is claming that Base DN missing in the filter.
I tried the following: host with the ip of my originating phone
also tried the protocol udp with port 5060
nothing is working , stuck with the same problem
could you please advise what to put in the filter in order to avoid the error message ?

Best regards


You are in LDAP ?
Leave filter empty if you in Ethernet Capture.