How to create a config backup on HT812 ATA



Hello, I have an HT812 that is on 1.05 firmware, and I see that there is a available, so I am way behind. I have a couple of irritating bugs that affect our connected Panasonic Cordless phones, and there seems to be at least one bug that is fixed (one is the irritating random DTMF tone during calls, and the other is the inability to maintain the time on these phones - the time-zone is manually set on the ATA - as the really odd TZ/DST strings seems to be not working).

My main reason for posting, is to see if anyone knows how to backup the config data on these HT812/814 sereis ATA’s, as there seems NO way from the GUI, OR the SSH command-set. There are recomendations that state the configs should be backed up before firmware upgrade or factory reset, but no instructions on how to do it. I have searched here and connot find a method to do that for these ATA’s, so any help from this fourm will be greatly appreciated.


Log into the Grandstream FXS --> under Advanced settings --> down the very bottom of the web page as per the picture…

“Export Backup Configuration” should be everything you need.


Hi @scottsip many thanks for quick reply. I missed that, must have not scrolled anough! I feel a bit of an idiot.


Be mindful that the file won’t include any passwords (for the device or SIP accounts) for security reasons. So if you get to use the file, you have to login and input the account’s password for the phones to actually work.


Hello @cyfo many thanks for that tip. I DO have the device password, and thanks to a nice bug-fix for proper password field detection in the latest Firefox Browser (68.0 onwards) I can see the SIP account password. :wink:


Tony don’t forget to send me a few lamb chops for the assist :wink:

UUber it to me…



Hi experts! I’m trying to creat a generic bakcup, but when I tried to upload the file to another ATA nothing happens. It means that a backup configuration is only valid for the same device?




If XML file then mac is in first few lines, remove line


Thank you Marcin! It works!


Cannot open the xml file to modify. Also trying to make a template copy. Any suggestions?