How to connect phone to Mac desktop with ethernet cord. Ethernet says "Self Assigned IP"


I need to connect my GXP2130 to my MAC desktop with the ethernet cable because my router/modem is too far away.
When I do this, it shows connected but says “Self Assigned IP” and the phone says “network down”
How an I connect my phone to the internet through my computer?


LAN cable to LAN and outgoing cable to PC,
make sure you have DHCP active,
the phone just acts as a switch, it doesn’t change anything, so if you still have problems, you have to look for them in your network,

or use an external switch


You will need to organise for an ethernet lead from the router to the phone or use a wifi extender if your router is a wifi model and plug the telephone and the mac into the back of the wifi extender.

EAX20 from Netgear offers good wifi 6 connectivity. I do not believe that Grandstream do a WiFi extender product in the WiFi line up yet.


What does that mean? Is the distance 8 feet and your cable is 6 feet long?

It sounds like you are trying to share the Mac’s network connection ( WiFi? ) to the GXP2130. That means that the Mac would function as a Hub/Switch/Router. I know that can be done with a Windows PC, but I don’t know if that can be done on a Mac.