How to connect OpenVOX GSM to UCM62xx


I tried to connect my OpenVox VS-GW1202 from UCM6202: I have create an extention 7100 on UCM, peer trunk to OpenVOX gateway and outbound route with mobile number pattern. On OpenVox VS-GW1202 I created VoIP Endpoint 7100 and it had registeret on UCM. Then I created simple route on OpenVOX from any SIP to GSM. But when I Call mobile number from my phone I can’t receive any answer. Please help. Thank you


normally a gsm box SIP connects via peer trunk or SIP extension, in your case you mention both recordings and I think it’s an anomaly.


Set it up as a peer trunk and create the inbound and outbound routes to it. You will need to insure the dial plan on the outbound corresponds to the strings needed by the provider to process the call.


I thought I have tried everything…(( When I create a peer sip trunk I can’t assign any username or password, so when I create endpoint in my GSM Box, I can’t use any username or password…


A peer trunk does not need authentication, only an IP as the IP from each device is considered trusted


I have created peer trunk on Grandstream UCM6202 point only IP address of Openvox GW and outbound route with pattern like +380XXXXXXXXX, How can I transmit to OpenVOX GW mobile number. When I create a call it is dismissed after 32 sec. In CDR of granstream I see that this call processed through my peer trunk to OpenVox, but after this no answer… Maybe there is something I need to do with OpenVOX?


32s is usually network problem.
Catch packet (Ethernet capture) and see what is going there.


you’re creating the wrong exit route, try it with -> _3x. (national)

out of curiosity you can receive from the gsm box? Are you sure that the peer with the gsm box is correct?


Route from Grandstream UCM6202 to mobile number is correct! because when I use another sip trunk (not to gsm box) all works fine.
I’m not sure that peer with gsm box is correct. because I don’t know how to correct configure peer trunk on OpenVOX GW. And I can’t receive any call from GSM box.


Maybe give us some screenshots?


A capture is the best bet at this point. The symptoms are just that and the capture may show the underlying cause.