How to Configure UCM LDAP Server as Phone-book


@GSSupport74, using Zero Config I can tell phones to use it’s LDAP Directory as the source for the Phonebook XML Server. However there does not seem to be a similar pre-defined function for this in GDMS.

Please advise how to configure this in GDMS. This is a standard function I use in all my installs…


Dear Drostoker,

Thank you for your feedback! We will consult with our GXP developers and update the model default template in GDMS platform to improve this issue. Thanks for your feedback!

Thank you!


Thank you. But how do I address this real world issue right now? What can I code in to make this work?


When yon configure it that way in Zero Config, what’s the value sent to the phone? Probably an Xml file path?


Yes, but is the directory name consistent across UCMs?

My UCM shows the path as


/directory/[LDAP UUID]/[No Idea]

No, it wouldn’t be the same on each PBX or even for each directories.

Create a new LDAP directory on the UCM (you can create multiple), check the second one in ZeroConfig and see if the URL simply changes to /2 or if the UUID changes as well.


The URL provides access to 3 LDAP directories on my system. Look at the screenshot above in my first post and you will see the check boxes for them there.


Dear Drostoker,

Thank you for your feedback! The settings in GDMS platform is based on the default device template in the GXP model, and if GXP model has this configuration, but you cannot find it in the GDMS platform, we will arrange to add this setting in the default template in GDMS platform. Currently, if you want to configure this option but cannot find it in GDMS platform, you can try to use Text Editor module and push the P value with the parameters into the device. I will pass your request to our developers for evaluation.

Thank you!