How to configure SRTP/TLS in a GXP 1620 Telephone IP?



Hello guys

i have a doubt about how to configure a tls certificate in my ip phone

I currently use zoiper 3 configured with srtp, that i use to communicate with my custom asterisk.
Usually i have to generate three archives to get tls working : asterisk.pem (server certificate) ca.crt peer.pem(branch certificate)

But i don’t know how to do the same at my ip phone, i found a option at “Maintenance > Security Settings” however i can only upload the ca.crt in “trusted ca certificates”, when i try to activate “Validate Certificate Chain” my branch doesn’t register anymore.

I searched for many answers on forums but unsuccessfully.

Someone can help me ?

Model : GXP 1620

Sorry for my bad english


When organizing SRTP/TLS on GXP1625, we did not install the certificate on the phone. Only the following settings were made:


Congratulations on the details :slight_smile: