How to configure GXV3615WI_HD IP Camera for Dahua NVR by LAN


Hi, I would like to configure Grandstream GXV3615WI_HD IP Camera on Dahua NVR. I installed GSurf Pro V2. In search option I have tried to find my IP camera, but it don’t work!
Any better suggestion or link please!



This may be a question that is better submitted to Dahua. The camera you list is obsolete and has not been on the market for some time now. I still have one in use in my office.

In any event, the first thing is to get the manual and read it as it will inform that you need to hook up the camera to a wired connection and then informs on how to connect. As you have not indicated if you intend to use it with a wired or Wi-Fi connection nor the model of recorder, this is about as far as I can suggest at the moment.

Following is a link to the resources associated to the camera and you will find the manual as well as some references of how to hook up using other makes of NVRs which may give enough of a clue to assist with your needs.


Thank you for your support!

Going to download all documents, let’s see what will happen! :slight_smile:

Thank you!