How to configuration Gsurf on Windows Server 2012 for configuration GXV3615WI_HD IP Camera


First time posted a topic in this forum, now facing another problem!

How I can configure Gsurf Pro V2 under windows server 2012, do u have any suggestion or any help!

This is very important!

Thank you!


If the software installed correctly and you are able to launch it without error, then presumably there are no config settings for the OS or for the app to work with the OS.

I assume the issue is how to get the app to connect to the camera and display.

This depends, is the camera remote or local (on the same LAN segment).

The device shown is the same camera as you want (wish they still made something similar).

Mine is remote and the IP is my remote IP. As I have more than one camera behind the same NAT, I have changed the HTTP port on each camera such that each has a unique port - 80, 81, 82, etc. When I need to log into one, I simply use the IP followed by the port, i.e., 71.XXX.XXX.XXX:82 to log into and make setting changes.
Grandstream adds 2000 to the HTTP port so that explains why you see 2082 for the RTSP port. This is used by the app to connect to and validate the credentials so that access by the app will be allowed. Each connected camera will also have 2000 added to the HTTP port.

If you are not trying to view cameras behind a NAT, then you can use port 80 for each camera’s HTTP port and then 2080 for the RTSP port. This is because each camera will have its own IP, unlike when viewing devices behind the NAT and having to use your public IP.