How to Change the Default system tone ON DP750 & DP720?


Hello i am new here? i am using DP750 & DP720 code less devices. the default system ring tone pitch is very cannot heard in noise places. so i had change the costomize ring tone and applied it but did not work? my device firmware version is so is there any way to solve it?


In Noisy environments I would usually sell the user a headset to use in conjunction with the cordless handset.

This is to provide direct audio to them - which may help with the telephone call but may or may not suit the environment.

There is an audio in/out put a 3.5mm headset jack that is available which might solve the problem.


thank you very for your kind information. i just want change to default tone of the DP720 to high pitch tone .


I will check on my cordless handsets and see what to do and will reply again here.


Go to the handset and select --> Menu --> Settings --> 4. Audio --> 2. Ringtones --> from System Ring to Custom RingTone x

Or … change the base ringtone back to standard default settings --> dect base --> Dect --> Handset Settings --> HSx --> Custom RingTone --> Disabled

And adjust the handset ring tone as per above just select the ring tone to suit.


i tried it more than 20 times but there was no any effect. actually i am using astericks server and so any thing i have set on astericks server side? i dont have any hard ware PBX devices.


Re Asterisk - anything from Asterisk regarding ring options is ignored … the Grandstream DP750 base is where the custom tone is set which then is available to the Grandstream DP720 Handsets as a choice as indicated in my above reply.


if you dont mind please lem know which part i need to edit on Asterisk side.


you have to ask on the Asterisk Forum the part about Asterisk
This is Grandstream, unless some readers don’t know about Asterisk and can help you out.


how did you generate your custom ringtone file? is it a .bin file that generated by our Ringtone generator tool? (

The max file size of the ringtone .bin file is 128KB, so any file larger than that will be ignored. You can also upload your ringtone file here or message me so we can reproduce the problem


i used GS tool to generate the ring tone and its file size is less than 80kb. actually i am using Asterisk server .


the Asterisk server does not come into play , only the dp750 and dp 720 do.

Forget about that the Asterisk server exists - this is about the end point handsets and base station.


i tried so many times whatever i could do but nothing changed. when is is ringing only system default ring tone is ring. alo downgrande the firmware viersion too but it did not work.


Go to the handset and select --> Menu --> Settings --> 4. Audio --> 2. Ringtones --> from System Ring to Ring Tone 3 or 8 …

Verify that the telephone still rings correctly for the minute.

Send @ Shawn-GSSupport424 a PM with the audio you want to use and upload for him to convert it and send back for you.


this is ring tone link


Your ring1.bin file is working fine for me, the sound is not crystal clear though.
After you put the ring1.bin file under FW upgrade path, reboot the device, it will try to get the FW firmware, then all the ringx.bin file.

After downloaded, you will be able to choose to use it under the web UI -> DECT -> HS1 Settings

Once you choosed, the handset will download the ringtone file from the base station:

After handset downloaded the ringtone file. go to Settings -> Audio -> Ringtone, set the ringone to the Custom Ringtone. it should work, please check following video shows your ringtone works on my DP


Thank you very much for your kind information. finally i solved my problem. actually it was controlled my asterisk server. actully i had controled the external and internal ringtone by progamming on asterisk server so that was the casue. any way i am very greatfull with your kind support thank you.


Can you share what the issue was please? I am having the same issue but I am using Cisco Call Manager.


Usually the DP720 just play ringtone that configured from DP750.

  • If you need customized ringtone, please load it to your DP750 first, then it will automatically download to DP720 after you choose to use it.
  • If you can bare with the ringtones pre-loaded on DP750, you can choose another one from the DP720 settings.

As fujita said his case is special that he controlled the external and internal ringtone by programming on asterisk server.

  • If you have never configured anything like this, you can just check if the ringtone file has been correctly loaded to your DP750.
  • If you are using your Cisco to control the ringtone, your DP720 shall play that Cisco ringtone instead of the one DP750 configured, which means your DP720 plays a different ringtone than the default, so you will know your DP720 takes the settings from your Cisco Call Manager, in that case, you need check with Cisco about how to configure the ringtones.

In most cases, DP720 should just play ringtones configured by DP750, and all the ringtone files are hosted on DP750.


Thank you for your response however, I have tried changing to one of the default rins 1-8 houver the setting and just plays the system default which actual sounds like a dialing tone.

I have uploaded a customer ringtone to the DP750 base and then selected this on the handset on the GUo and also the phone however still it does not play the ringtone.