How to change Prompt for Caller Position Announcement



I have a UCM6108 and i need to record new voices for Caller Position Announcement. But i haven’t any options in admin panel for this.

Please help me.

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if I understand what you’re asking for, you can do it with call queues like on the screen:


Yes, I know it.
But i want change that voices.
This announcement plays for caller in english language, And i want to record myself voice in my language.


if the problem is only the prompts that need to be in your language try choosing “language” in IVR (I don’t know if it’s also in the queue) or choose the language in Voice Prompt/language settings.


I was changed all of them, But it’s not work for announcement sound for queue position.



Please read the doscument inside of the zip file.


@lpneblett, I was looking at the proposed zip, didn’t I, or did they simplify the procedure? I opened it maybe a year ago and it seemed more “difficult” to me.


To be honest, I have not had a need to use it, so never tried it. I just knew about it and its purpose. I would think that GS would have changed all prompts to be in the same language of the package, but I guess not given webpro’s issue.

webpro- you may want to submit a ticket on this to see if GS can accommodate making the prompts correct for the language pack.


Let me explain, I updated the zip in my possession, it was about 850 kb and now it’s about half, so some change must have been there.


Thank you so much.


Yes this file is proper. My few customer used it to change position and other announcement correctly.
Download latest as there was some fix in document.
If you want be sure if package is accepted restart UCM, if package is still there then it is ok. If not that means that it is incorrectly done.