How to Change "Modes" With Multiple Offices


I need a way to allow the users to switch “modes” of calls in multiple offices on the same PBX. I know the Grandstream only has one mode which won’t work so I need to find a better way to allow people to switch between calls coming into their IVR and going to an external answering service number.

Has anyone come up with a way to program the UCM to allow multiple locations to switch between regular incoming calls to the IVR and sending the calls to an external number without using the MODE option? For example, using call forwarding with a combination of other programming?

Thank you in advance.


Since 1.0.20.xx Grandstream as allowed up to 8 modes. Also you can program an inbound route with their own inbound route with a unique code followed by *61, example *614400 would change that inbound route to default mode, *624400 would change that inbound route to Mode 1.
If you didn’t want to do that you can point the inbound route to a fake extension, set the forwarding based on presence, available, unavailable, chat, away, and custom. Give them web access to that fake extension to change the presence.
I think this is what you are wanting to do?


Thank you very much for the information. I was able to figure out how to set this up. This is great that they expanded it to allow multiple modes with multiple routes. That’s great. Thanks for the detailed post on this. I was able to use the information you provided and figure out this feature.