How to answer and play a message while waiting the caller to dial an extension to be redirected. (and ring the correct extension)


Hello, i’ve been searching and can’t find the proper way to solve this issue, didn’t find a thing about it on the manual. Maybe it is but seems not to be referenced on the manual’s index and didn’t find on several sections already read.

I need to mimic the current installed analogic pbx behavior where it answers and plays a message while waits the caller to dial an extension, and then redirects the call to the dialed extension number.

I tried this by an incoming rule that sends the caller directly to #1000 voicemail, but when the caller dials an extension number, then #1000 starts to ring instead of the dialed one, also tried * prior number and it gives a message “wait while I try the extension number one, zero, zero, zero” and extension 1000 starts ringing.

¿What am I missing?

Thanks in advance.


in the ringtone group set the music during the call while calling the users (obviously the music you have to replace it with what you want)


Hello Damiano and thanks for your answer.
The issue is not that there’s no time to dial an extension, is that no matter the number I dial, the only one that rings is #1000.
I already set a message salying “dial 1000 for sales, dial 1001 for spare parts, dial 1002 for management, etc…” but as soon I Dial any extension, #1000 rings but is the only one… and if I dial * prior the number, it tells “wait while I try the xtension 1000” (even when I dialed 1002, 1003, etc…) and is 1000 the one that rings


try to post me the settings screen in question, write me what works and what you can’t do and I try to give you a hand, otherwise it is really difficult for me to understand


Have you thought of using an IVR for this? Long message (music or whatever) with no options. Check extensions and I think it should work.


When there’s a greeting message asking to dial the desired extension (as any other answering machine/PBX), anything you dial makes extension 1000 to ring, not the dialed one. (1001, 1002, 1003, etc…)
¿How can I be clearer?


What David writes is correct, send the inbound call to an IVR playing a greeting audio then allowing the user to dial extensions during the answered call. You can even send the caller to the receptionist if they do not press a digit or digits.


This I think may be the anwer I was looking for. This seems to allow me to press a digit or digits, let’s test it’s functionality.


Ok, thank you i think i understood.


Ok, it is working great, and I also found that extension 1000 rings when i press * because it is set that way, now I can tell not to do it or just go somewhere else.

Thanks a lot.


as I wrote above, post the screen of the affected settings