How to adjust incoming ring time


I have a UCM6208 PBX, (3) GXP2170’s, (5) GXP750’s, and (4) cell phones registered to use my PBX. My issue is that when an incoming call comes in, it only rings once on the caller side then goes silent until the call is answered. It rings multiple times on the answering side, but only once on the caller side. Please help? What is the adjustment needed to make the call continually ring until answered on the incoming side?


there could be many causes, the most obvious could be the incorrect NAT


Assuming a ring group is being used…On the ring group change the music on hold to default ringback


“Assuming a ring group is being used…On the ring group change the music on hold to default ringback”

Thank You! Fixed my issue.


Istrutesman maybe you can clarify another issue. My phone provider has it set where my incoming calls to line 1 should rollover to the other 2 lines (3 analogue lines from Comcast). When someone is on a call on line 1, I don’t get a rollover ring to my other phones/extensions. It rings on the caller side now, but I get no ring through to my phone system. What needs changing?


Couple things to check.

Make sure Call Waiting is disabled on your Comcast Business Voice Lines. The setting is under Features>Privacy>Call Waiting. You must disable it individually for each line. See if this corrects the problem. I would also make sure you have Comcast Voicemail disabled and verify the hunting and forwarding behavior you desire is configured correctly.

You should also try to dial the second and third analog lines directly from the outside to test that they ring through properly to rule out that it is not your analog trunk or inbound route setup that is causing the problem.


or did you open two identical posts?


That depends on how the analog lines are set up.

If you have a physical line with a call waiting feature, or 1 physical line holding two phone lines(i line per copper pair); neither of these will work. The system doesn’t accommodate those features.
Each line in has to have its own physical wire into the system.

If you have three physical lines, then test whether line one is indeed rolling to line 2 or not at the provider level using analog phones or a budset. If it is then makes sure you’ve done your PSTN and ACIM detection on the phone system correctly and that CID is set right on each individual trunk.

If line 1 has CID and line 2 doesn’t, then they need to come in on separate trunks.