How many GWN7600LR can a AP(GWN7610 or 7600 or 7600LR) be bridged?


How many GWN7600LR can a AP(GWN7610 or 7600 or 7600LR) be bridged ?


Up to 30 AP’s without a controller…

Thats if the question was about how many AP’s you can connect - if I am mistaken about the question please redefine it…


Is this means 30 bridged APs(GWN7600LR) to an AP (GWN7600LR) ?


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  • User friendly built-in provisioning controller (via Web interface) allows any GWN7610 to auto discover, auto-provision and manage networks of up to 50 GWN7610s without requiring seperate controller hardware/software and without a single point of failure

  • Embedded controller allows GWN7600 to auto-discover, auto-provision and manage up to 30 GWN7600s in a network

  1. How far is the distance between bridge’s AP(slave) to Master AP?

  2. How many bridge AP(Slave) can an AP(Master) connect ?

3 What are the requirements for connectiing the cable between the POE switch and GWN7600LR?

4, How do I do grounding for GWN7600LR?

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standard networking - 90 mtrs - POE switch and GWN7600LR
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I think the difficulty in trying to understand your question is the term “bridged”. Are you trying to link two wired networks together (client bridge) via a wireless connection using the 76XX or is the question about how many APs can be connected via a slave/master relationship? If in bridge mode the slave/master relationship is no longer available.

My assumption is that the client connectivity quantity remains the same as quoted for a normal client to AP relationship, but with the same limitation of overall throughout, SSID qty, etc. As others have suggested, support should have the more definitive answer.

The grounding is via the Ethernet cable or transformer. There is no separate earth ground lug. Only the 7600LR is an outdoor unit. If you need other info related to lightning immunity, support is also the one to ask. I normally do not see such figures published for APs of this type, more so for back-haul or PTP commercial rated equipment.


Thank you very much!

I means if GWN7600LR can be used for PTP or PTMP?