How indicate waiting calls in a queue and pickup this calls


Hello there,

we have a UCM6208 and around 30 GXP2160 devices.

now i’m looking for a way to use a Multi-Purpose Key for
indicate waiting customer in a call queue and pickup this incoming calls.

with our old PBX we had a single phone as agent in a call queue.
than on all other devices i had a MPK definded as BLF for this single device.
if a customer call the queue, the device is ringing and BLF Key is blinking.
the same key had a pickup function so a employee can answer this call.

now i have tried to reproduce this with the UCM6208, and mostly this works.
but sometimes a caller is waiting in the queue and the single device is not
ringing, so the BLF key is also not blinking.

is there a other way to indicate a incoming calls without all 30 device are ringing at same time.

the other ringing strategys are unsuitable because the 30 devcies are
splited in 10 office rooms and its possible that nobody is in a office room.

DND is not an option because we have to make calls local(internally).

greetings from Berlin


If I understand correctly, you need “shared” parking keys… , look at the “monitored park” button, update the phones fw first.


Damiano, no, they want to have a couple of agents in the queue, but then have the ability that other extension owners that are not agents to be able to pick up queue calls when the agents need help.


it should be possible if I remember correctly to create the “BLF” button on the tail, if that resolves it.


@ lpneblett,

Yes almost right, but no one of our employee is an agent oh this queue. notwithstanding every one can see an incoming call and pick them up. AND no phones of employees should ring

sorry for my bad english


If no one is an agent and no phone is to ring, then why would you monitor an extension that will never show the ring. How do you see if there is an incoming Q call?


as i wrote , only one device is an agent. this device is located in the server room.


for understanding why normal queue is unsuiteable for us:

many people call us at the same time. They wait in a queue.
If any employee idle he pick up this call.
and now the problem: the employee have to transfer this call to another extension is heavy because,
if the target device also an agent then its ringing too by another new call


Sorry, I apparently misunderstood as in your last post you stated -
“but no one of our employee is an agent oh this queue” and then you stated-
AND no phones of employees should ring”

It is still not clear to me how everyone can see an incoming call.

What your old system may or may not have done to accommodate the function is not necessarily going to be the same in any new system.

From your initial description, you have setup a BLF on everyone’s phone to monitor the only agent assigned to the Q. This will not work.

The point of the Q is to match available resource to call demand and if the demand exceeds the resources, to hold the calls in suspense until such time as an agent becomes available. The trick is to determine how to limit the amount of time callers are held in suspense (hold) before an agent is available so that callers don’t get frustrated and hangup.

In your case, with the one agent and everyone keyed to that single phone, they are only monitoring the single agent phone and not the Q. If the single agent is currently busy on a call, then the others monitoring that extension will only see a solid red light and not that there are others in the Q. Further, the system has no place to send Q calls as your only agent is already busy, so the system is holding other calls waiting for the single agent to become available (again). The only time the other users will see the agent phone blinking red (ringing) is when the single agent is available (not busy) to take a call. However, when not busy and a call does comes in and the agent’s extension is ringing, the others will not know if the call is a Q call or a call from elsewhere only that the agent’s extension is ringing. While the agent may only take Q calls, I do not know this as I assume other employees may call the agent from time to time and from a BLF standpoint, it does not distinguish the difference. So, when the agent is busy on a call, there will be no ringing indication. The system has no where to send a call; hence no ring.

If the call were able to leave the Q and ring somewhere else, then you could use a group pickup.

I understand about the transfer issue, but this is a again a resource issue. The system only sends calls to where you direct it to send calls. Your description of an agent needing to transfer the call is no different than having the call going to a receptionist who needs to transfer the call only to find out that the destination is already busy. I assume you have the situation already as I know of no way to make certain that any extension is 100% available for each and every call that needs to be delivered to same.

Ideally, what you need is the ability to monitor the Q, not the extension. If this were possible, perhaps the blinking red would/could indicate callers still pending an agent and it would remain illuminated until such time as the Q were empty. Alas, I do not know or believe this function is currently available, but you might try it on a phone and change one of the other extensions to not monitor the agent extension but to monitor the Q extension and see. I am still at home and do not have a suitable phone by which to conduct such a test, but even if I did, I am not hopeful, but still worth a try.

If the suggestion does not work, then I am afraid there is no solution other than to add agents be they static or dynamic.


Thank you for your efforts

There is no employee on the single phone is. the only reason for this device is for monitoring if it’s ringing.
As long as there are any calls in the queue, the phone only is ringing . And the BLF flashes.

That actually works with UCM too, but sometimes not.

In case of receptionist is a little different.

Most of calls would send to the receptionist, but any employee would receive a few calls after selection and transfer

We dont have a receptionist so we have to define any agents. All calls would ring an all phone (if it is an agent)
if this happens the other employees can’t see the real state of other devices. Only ringing would displayed .

In addition if i have to transfer an other call at same time as incoming call is in the queue , i can’t use the BLF Key because it’s flashing and i would pickup the call.


Then assign all the phones into a pickup group to include the agent phone. Then keep the BLF monitoring that phone, but setup an additional key on the other phones with a speed dial of *8XXX where XXX is the extension number of the agent phone.
When a call comes in and the others see the BLF, have them use the speed dial key instead. This is the pickup code.


I will try this today in the evening

thank you
i will report to you


@mkrienke you mentioned you tried to use the analogue FXS extension as being the user in the queue, I would suggest to set the queue for all ring and check the timers of the queue so the extension in the queue never is logged out automatically. Map the VMPK as a BLF to that extension and save it to all 10 departments that need to answer the call. I would suggest to purchase either a strobe light alarm device that takes the FXS port into it and when there is a ring to strobe the light as this will draw peoples attention to the call without making a noise.

Having a powered Strobe ringer in each location will bring the incoming call attention to those that need to know.

The above is something that I have performed in the past for companies that want to be notified without the audbile signal.


Kev - where did you see analog? I must have missed that…and still do,.


I blame little sleep and insomnia :wink:

@lpneblett Larry …I saw Single Phone and thought it was an analogue extension he was talking about … some terminologies in country telecom areas mean different things … here a single line/phone is usually an analogue device… maybe I read just a tad too much into it… :slight_smile: anyway …

@mkrienke try using an analogue extension on the UCM6208 as the extension in the queue… it will ring and will not make a noise providing you only use a strobe or nothing plugged into it. It will never get busy, but you will only have 1 x call in the queue at a time… so make sure your queue timers are set correctly and allow calls when the agent is busy on a ringing call so the queue allows multiple calls into the queue.



Been there done that. Have a bourbon and get some rest…not sure that bourbon is a thing in Australia, but then find whatever it takes.