How I can set Motion Detect on Linux PC? (GXV3611_HD)



How I can set Motion Detect on Linux PC?
I didn’t have any plugins for FireFox,Chrome on Linux.

However I see video stream on VLC player.


There is no video plugin available for Linux platform. If you need to configure Motion detection then one of the supported browsers on Windows platform is needed.

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You could try pipelight-plugin ( which starts the windows-plugin with wine.
Works for me in firefox on LinuxMint 17.


Hello, I realize I’m resurrecting an old post; however, I would appreciate any info regarding manually computing the motiondetect “leftup” and “rightdown” values as I do not own a Windows machine. I understand that the values may be calculated using a scaled image and bit packing function. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Please see the following for context: