How do you set the ucm to attended transfer only


Hi all could someone state definitively if the ucm allows grandstream phones to use attended transfer via the transfer key or soft menu key instead of blind transfer. I would like to set the system to attended or assisted transfer by default. Example call comes into Ext 222 when the transfer key is pressed user calls Ext 223 tells the user on extension 223 that someone would like to speak to them then hangs up the call to complete the transfer.


Our understanding is that this is a phone setting, not a UCM setting. You can, however, disable various transfers in the Call Features -> Feature Codes settings of the UCM.


I get that you can enable blind transfer and attended transfer but you cannot disable blind transfer without disabling attended transfer. I currently have a 2160 and I want to transfer calls via the transfer button on the phone using the attended transfer, how would I accomplish this.


That is a phone setting.


Transfer a call
 Assisted (announced) transfer
o While on a call, put them on hold and start a new call. Call the person you are transferring to. When you are ready to connect the two, press the hard transfer button and select the line key of the original call.
o You cannot use a speed dial key for an assisted transfer.
 To transfer straight to Voicemail do a Blind transfer but put a * in front of the extension
 Blind (unannounced) Transfer
o While on a call press the hard transfer button and dial the extension/number you want to transfer to and press the soft transfer button to complete.
o If you use a speed dial key for the extension/number, you will not need to press the soft transfer button. This will transfer the call, preserving the inbound caller’s Caller ID information.


Welcome to Grandstream phones. I suggest you find the feature request under the IP phone category that undoubtedly exists and add your “me too” to that. This is why I use other vendors’ phones with my UCM’s.


So other vendor phones allow this feature out of the box. Thanks for letting me know. I will definitely check the feature request section.


I see some people saying it’s a phone setting. Does anyone know if it’s something I can program on the phone or system to happen on grandstream phones.


At 2160 you must go to settings-call features and set the transfer mode to dynamic. Then you can do attended transfer with the transfer hard key