How Do I retrieve a video voicemail as a video



Want to retrieve a video voicemail as a video on the GXV3240
This is for a school for the deaf and some teachers and administrators are hearing impaired.
they do not have SIP lines - yet
Is it possible to retrieve a video voicemail?
All phones have display screen but not all phones are video phones - Is it possible to retrieve a video voicemail with a GXP1625 or a GXV3240 without a SIP


I’m confused but i try reply.

GXP1625 - no ability for video. Just forget about it.
Retrieve: from WHERE ? voice/video mail are stored on PBX.

If you mean some http, you can try some soft on Android phones as you can install app there. You can also try browser.


If the receptionist who has a video phone leaves a video message for a teacher who also has a video phone - how does that teacher retrieve that video message?


A few things to consider -

While the phone may be capable of video, your desire of being able to leave a VVM is mostly up to the device that takes the call and does the recording. When the the phone makes a call, it sends some info within the messaging that indicates that the media supports video. Assuming the phone is calling another video capable phone, it will have the capability, but in order to pass video the call must be answered by the other phone. Assuming the phone does not answer and the call goes into their voicemail, the device that does the answering and recording must also support the media upon answering; otherwise the recording will be audio only.

So, the gating item is the device you intend to use to accommodate the recordings and if it supports video voicemail. Additionally, there is no universal voicemail retrieval mechanism. Each manufacturer may use a different set of key presses or have a button that needs to be programmed with the same key press function. The settings for which key presses are usually able to be altered so that if a system were to be replaced, the owner could possibly change/keep the same dial codes so the user-base need not be retrained.


I think the key here is that they’re using Grandstream devices, but over POTS lines. Not sure that’s going to work for video on the voicemail.

Not even sure Grandstream UCMs support video on voicemail either.

But then, we own no Grandstream video devices.