How do I download the ZOOM App?


Hi- trying to download the ZOOM app as I bought this to do Zoom video conference calls. I cannot log in to the google play store as it will not allow me to type in the login and password. Help.


Is your device on the current firmware?


Yes I updated it to the current firmware.


Anyone use the zoom app on this camera?


The issue isn’t Zoom, it’s that you are having trouble with the Play Store. Being as I have had no problem with the play store, and had no problem downloading and running Zoom (although I have not tested the app yet), we need to focus on the typing.

Please tell me more about how you are trying to enter information? Are you using the remote control?


I am trying to use the remote. Is there a better way?


The remote is fine. I have Google less secure apps turned on. That’s the next thing I’d look at. I also have a dedicated Gmail address just for the 3210 so my main account is kept secured.


I got it logged in and the basic zoom app downloaded- but i cannot connect to a meeting when I input a meeting if and code- it errors out. Which app should I be using? Can I connect to any zoom meeting?


@iansilv Where you able to make any zoom meeting with the GVC3210? Where you able to fix the issue with Zoom app?


No. I am returning the camera because it locks up and cannot use the Zoom app to successfully connect to a meeting. Very dissapointed in this by Grandstream.


@iansilv Thanks for yor reply! Did you find any other decent camara you can use with the Zoom app? any suggestion to evaluate any other camara, even from other brands?


I am looking at those polycom meeting bars- all-in-one video conferencing soundbars with cameras in them.


Hi all,

This may not be the best post to express my disappointment with the GVC3210. I to purchased a unit and it has become a wall fixture. Fist i try to install Skype for business, spend countless hours with my 365 provided support and was never able to get it to work. Finally got got regular Skype to work but cant have multi-participants in a conference, not trying Zoom and cant download. Yeas i do have the latest firmware, and support is worthless.


Zoom and Skype does not work properly! We’ve tested all apps and it’s really not worth the money. GVC for IPVideoTalk is a great solution, GVC for anything else than that: Don’t even try it!

Unfortunately, the whole idea of an android based conference system does only work, when there is powerful hardware under the hood, constant development and OFFICIAL app support for 3rd parties.

This is not the case with the GVC series :frowning:


Dear all;
please not that GVC3200 released in 2015 (Five years ago) with android 4.1
that time it was running all android APPs like skype… etc.
but now its so old hardware and software to run skype and zoom because there requirements become higher.
simply Grandstream should release new GVC Soon with new hardware and software.
hope that clarify every things :wink: