How do I answer a call while on another call?


I am using GRP2616 phones for a hotel front desk. I want to be able to see incoming calls if I am already on a call so that I can park the current call and answer the new incoming call. We have been operational for a year and I just realized this doesn’t function as desired. What do I need to configure for this to work?


activates call waiting


Stephen which pabx does the handset connect to?


I am using a UCM6304 at this property.


Where should I activate Call Waiting? I am using a GRP2616 and UCM6304.


in the manual you will find “call waiting”


I just noticed by monitoring the CDR on the UCM that the extension that is on a call does not ring. It seems that the Ring Group only rings extensions that are not on a call. I tried calling the extension directly while it is on a call and it did ring and I was able to answer the call. However the first call is put on hold. I don’t want the call put on hold. I want the call put in the next available slot in the default parking lot. So there are 2 problems now. 1st, the ring group is not ringing extensions with active calls. 2nd the call is put on hold instead of park.


In the ring group, see if the setting skip busy agent is enabled and if so, uncheck it.
If you are on a call and a second call comes in and you elect to immediately answer the second, the first call will be put on-hold.

That is the way it is as it is assumed that you will go back to picking up the first call from hold. If you put into park, then there is the timeout issue as well as the possibility that someone else might pick it up.

If you want the first call to go to park, then you need to manually place it there prior to picking up the second call.


Unchecking the skip busy agent solved part of the problem so the phone will ring when the ring group is called. Then if I want to put the call on park, I need to hit dismiss for the incoming call, then park the current call, then the incoming call will start ringing again so I can answer it. It’s not the smoothest but it will work the way I was trying to get it to work. Thanks again for your help.