How can I connect my doorbell chime to GDS3710



hi guys help me on how to connect doorbell chimes to gds3710? is it possible?


doorbell chimes is what device and circuit ? how do you trigger the door bell? If it is by a physical contact spst with an open contact type button then it might be possible


my Doorbell chime brand is panasonic EGB 888 … the connection is through wirings


You need to research your equipment - this is a user forum, since you want help, please provide all of the information to allow the user (reader) to help you if they possibly can.


If your chime is traditional analogue one, you can try wire the chime into the DO1 (please refer to the User Manual), and configure as below:

This way, when GDS3710 doorbell pressed, the chime will also sound, working at the same time parallelly.

Hope this helps. Thank you for using Grandstream Access Control Products.


thank you very much i’ll try it …