How about just a "what you see is what you get" input method?


Voicemail access number is going to be *97 or some other *#X. type pattern. It is not going to be letters. It would be nice if one didn’t have to change input types to get to a selection that includes the * without having to go through numerous button presses on the phone. I’m sure this is useful in other fields as well.

So we recommend a “nothing” class of input that is simply the thing that is printed on the button. Meaning: 123456789*0# and nothing else. This would make it easier for users to configure the phone from the phone.

Nominate issues that should be addressed before GA

Agreed. One would think when on numeric only (“123”), which should be the default for any dialing modes, that would include the special characters on the keys (star and pound).



It seems we have two proposals here:

  1. Have the voicemail access number input to default to “123”
  2. Change * and # keys to output * and # respectively. (Currently it is “.” and switch input mode)

Please let me know if this correct.



My opinion: In 123 mode, have the number keys enter numbers when you press them, and the * key and # key enter * and # when you press them once, and a period if you press them twice. You already have a softkey for switching input mode, so I don’t see why the # needs to do that as well.


To be clearer: I think the 123 suggestion wasn’t that it should be in 123 mode, but that in 123 mode, it should display what is on the key, not periods when you press * or #.


Exactly. If you’re doing numeric entry mode, that should represent the entire numeric keypad, not just the digits.



Thanks for the feedback. We have noted this.


Firmware v1.0.1.5 still has this problem. After upgrade and factory reset, we go to enter the voicemail access number (*97) and, in 123 entry mode, typing * puts a . on the screen instead of a * like it should.

123 mode should enter what’s labelled on the button. *97 should be *97 not .97



Thank you for your updates, we will push our developer to fix this issue.