Hotel Wakeup call


Just sold a grandstream pbx system to a hotel with 60 extensions.
But I cant find a basic feature of all pbx systems - wake up call.
How do we do this on the grandstream?
It is a very basic feature in almost every voip pbx system but I cannot find it in the granstream.

Any assistance you can give is much appreciated otherwise I will have to return this system to the distributor.


Hotel Wakeup is enabled in the newest firmware version Core / Base

you have to go to PBX, then down to PMS, but from the looks of it you need to use with a Property Management Systems / Hospitality Industry Systems.


[quote=“Craig_a, post:2, topic:16123”]Hotel Wakeup is enabled in the newest firmware version Core / Base

you have to go to PBX, then down to PMS, but from the looks of it you need to use with a Property Management Systems / Hospitality Industry Systems.[/quote]

I saw this, its integration to the PMS system so the UCM will do stuff the PMS needs it too (from what i see)


I’d love to have wakeup calls, and have had them on previous systems. I’m not running a hotel, but a residence with 25 people.
But I gather from the two replies above that for wakeup calls to work, I have to have a “Property Management System”?
What is a “Property Management System”? Is it software? Separate from the UCM6xxx? Available from Grandstream?
Other PBXs just provide the wake-up call facility for any extension as a basic part of their operation. Any extension can set it up for themselves by just entering a code and a time in 24-hour format. Can the UCM6104 do that? If not, we should keep it on the wish list!


A PMS system is what a hotel uses to manage the property and at the same time pass and receive information from various subsystems such as the telephone system, movie service and others for automated management and posting of charges into a guest folio.

In this case, the PMS system would normally provide the guest name to the PBX and at the same time unblock the phone for calling. The same for check-out and erasing any voice mails for the extension. The name is transferred so that should the guest call other extensions within the hotel, the hotel employees can see the name and offer the personalized response. Conversely, the phone system can also provide info back to the PMS for maid status of the room so that front desk employees can see what room are or are not available for rent. There are a number of other features (mini-bar, wake-up, DND, call block, etc.) that may also be used depending on the particular hotel PMS in use and what protocol it requires - Mitel, Opera, etc.

However, the one facet that should be there is that the phone system should be able to operate independently of the PMS. Not all hotels have a PMS system with an interface and the interface may not always be up.

They have added some codes in the dial code section that seems to deal with the wake-up function, but dialing same results in a message “You can not set wake-up now”. I am guessing that these are the initial hooks and that later firmware will provide more functionality. The PMS aspect is not really addressed other than to say who the Spanish company that developed the module is. A web search of same reveals little, but then there are few who have attempted this in Asterisk.


LPNEBLETT, thanks for the explanation of PMS systems.
It’s a pity Grandstream so far have only provided for WakeUp/Reminder calls in conjunction with this type of system. And it looks as if in that form, it can only be set by management, not the guest, and it seems only set to play an announcement, not music. In all other PBX systems I have used, each extension can set or cancel its own Wakeup/Reminder call at any time it chooses.
I was not sure whether your comment that “there are few who have attempted this in Asterisk” applied to these huge PMS systems or just to the provision of Wakeup/Reminder calls.
Anyway,I have sent to the Grandstream folks as a possible source of inspiration, a nice little program which does that job perfectly. It was originally written by Andy Wysocki in PHP to run in conjunction with Asterisk. I modified it to cope with variations in daylight saving. We found that back then, PHP had its own timezone database, including Daylight Saving for all countries and regions, which ignored the Linux database, and was itself not getting updated.
If Grandstream could get the necessary permission to use it, it would make a lovely bolt-on to the UCM6100 and provide a very valuable function, so far unaccountably missing from the Grandstream PBX.


Wake-up calls are supported in later versions of Asterisk, but the hotel interface to a PMS system is another thing. hMobile and Pbillx are the only ones that that I know of who reportedly support a PMS interface and there could be some others that I do not know about. The info on both has been sparse and Pbillx has not responded to any of my queries so I gave up on them. There are other manufacturers that have developed a hotel module that runs along with Asterisk, but the ones I have seen are standalone without any interface capability.

I have done a number of hotelsand all but two had PMS interfaces, so i had to use another product.

Hopefully, GS will come to the table with something in the near future. Given the show of the feature in the latest firmware, maybe sooner than later?


Did new FW took care of:

  • Allow to setup wake up call from phone by dialing feature code; thus, not requiring PMS?
  • Is there a web portal to connect where wakeup can be set / clear by hotel manager?

Is there a stand alone utility or SW that can be run to setup wake up call by filling in Room #, Time and press enter which would send (emulate) PMS to send message over to UCM6104?

It would be nice if someone can write this type of utility if one does not exist to take care of basic features like Wakeup, Voice Mail Reset, etc.

Thank you for your help. Look forward to your reply. I have few hotels who wants to install this PBX; but, are hesitating due to lack ability to set this features from SW or feature codes. No, they don’t have PMS and if they buy PMS it cost more than UCM.

VoIP Solution 4U


Latest beta have new custom user privilage: Wakeup service (so you should be able to login to UCM with this account and see only this part (for manager).

I do not check lately but you have codes for wakeup service:
call features -> feature codes -> feature code
You can check them, last time i checked it was not usable (my opinion), but that was few version ago.


need help integrating UCM6100 with Opera PMS. I’ll appreciate and ready to pay for time, thanks,



For opera i think you need Hmobile.
They have local partners and usually HMobile make integration/installation.