Hot Desking - SIP Password


Hello All,

Is there a way around using the SIP password as part of the hot desk login?

If the hot desk login must be the SIP password, It seems difficult to pitch to my customers to use a 16 to 24 random digit password for the hot desk login…

It seems irresponsible to shorten the SIP password to something easy to log in with.

I haven’t done this for a while but, I seem to recall with Mitel, you would enter your extension number and a pin. Am I missing that option here?

Also, looking through the hot desking guide, it looks a little out of date.

The guide shows…


But the current firmware shows…


I assume that Public Mode Username Prefix should allow me to enter some random characters here, and that they will be applied before the UID the user enters.

Eg. If I enter 2222 into the Public MU Prefix, and the user enters 105 when logging in, the phone will send 2222105 as the auth ID to the UCM.

I’m assuming that Public Mode Username Suffix would allow me to enter 2222 for prefix, 3333 for Suffix and, when the user enters 105, the phone will send UID 22221053333 to the UCM.

I could potentially use this to move the security emphasis from the password to a complex auth ID.


I have not found any way to configure a custom auth ID other than the extension number AND enable Hot desking under the Extensions Features. I can configure 22221053333 as the auth ID BUT as soon as I check the box beside Support Hot-desking Mode, the UCM changes the auth ID to 105 and greys it out.

If I just don’t care about security, it works. Or if I expect the end user to remember a complex password, it works. It just seems a little ill considered.

Now, please I invite you all, tell me where I’m wrong on this. I really want to use this and have a secure system. Thank you all in advance!



If I leave 10 in the Public Mode Username Prefix and I manually enter 5 when logging into the phone. Effectively sending 105 as the auth ID to the UCM, it works.


Just to add to this. I seem to recall the ability to configure emergency calling when logged out, ie. 911. Am I wrong, can someone remind me where to look to set this up?





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