Hostname for GPX 1625


Hello, Was wondering if there is a way to configure a hostname for a GPX 1625 that is DHCP’d to the network. I’d like to be able to complete a DIG and get the hostname for the device.

I’ve enabled DHCP option 12 and rebooted the phone but it still doesn’t display the name.

Is this configurable on the phone or do I have to update DHCP on the server side?



Hello, Is there no reply to my query? I’d like to know how to utilize DHCP option 12 to show a hostname for my phones.



Did you? -

Have you been able to see the hostnames of other devices on the network that were not there before, but are now since enabling the option?


Hello, Thanks for the reply. Yes, I can see host name of other devices on my network. However I’ve never enabled DHCP option 12 on any VoIP phone. So this is new to me. When I did enable it I ran my IP scan (pulls IP and hostname) and still didn’t see the name.

Was wondering if there are any additional items I need to config other than DHCP option 12 on the phone itself.



Did you add a hostname in the field in the phone in network settings, basic (screenshot)?>