Holiday import/export



Hi, setuping the holidays I thing is the most time consuming feature.
It is possible to add import/export fonction?

thank you


I’ll add to that . . . it would be nice if somehow the holidays that move (4th Thursday of November, for example) could auto-update from year to year. I have to log into every client’s UCM and change them every year. OTOH, most of my clients have different holidays to some extent, so I’d likely have to log in to do some tweaking in any case.


I’ve asked so many times, i’d like if you could run a server so like NTP so when i add a holiday in my server all the systems i’ve installed accept that holiday. even import/export woul be a pain as i still have to log into every system and update them.


Been asked for mutiple times…


Along with many other things. But, I count my blessings. I came to the UCM’s from FusionPBX and none of their export/imports worked worth a damn. At least we can backup UCM’s and apply that config to another box. And we can export extensions and apply elsewhere. More export/import abilities would be lovely but I can say the bits that we have already have saved my backside in the last month or so. But, Dear Lord, why we can’t have things like exportable Zero Configs, Holidays and a few other things is beyond me!