Hold Timer for Parked Calls


Very simple setup here, UCM6202 and 4 GXP2135, only 2 of them used to answer inbound calls and we have limit of 3 incoming calls placed on DID to match amount of Parking VPK 1-3. Basically if 4th call comes in they will just get busy signal. That’s how they want it.
Now, question is, is there way for them to tell how long Park1-Park3 has been on hold for? Very busy office and they park calls all the time but they would like to be able to get back to the callers in order they were placed into park. I’m trying to figure out how to make that happen for this client.
Thank you.


There really is not a way to see how long a particular call has been parked. It is assumed that the person parking the call will know and/or that the park timeout will fire and the parked call will go back to the person who parked the call originally or to a destination as set.


yea that makes no sense at all why they don’t have option to show this. i know you can show timer for regular hold, but why no timer for parking lot makes no sense to me. we have it set to stay in parking lot pretty much forever without any timeout destination. i’ll see if i can possibly figure something out using queue function.
hopefully timer for parking is something they can add in future firmware release.


Unlikely. When on hold the call is still on the phone. When in park the call is on the system. How do you propose showing the hold time for each call parked on a phone display when there could be far more than just 3 spots and other phones may or may not have any interest in.certain parked calls?


there could be far more than 3 spots but its not going to happen with inbound channel limit of 3 and only 2 front desk phones answering inbound calls. rear two phones are pretty much to make outbound only, they will not be using park, if anything it will be regular hold.
But here what i was thinking in regards to queue function, instead of routing inbound to ring group of two front phones, i can route them into hold queue and i’m assuming from there system will route them to ring group in order in which there were received, its not going to give them that timer they looking for but at least it will let them take calls with longest wait times as soon as possible. will this idea work you think?


P8503 = 1 [Show On Hold Duration]
I think you’re looking for this



I understand, but while you may not be able to take or park more than 3, the phone and its design along with the UCM certainly can.

A Q will take the call in and hold the call until such time as an agent is available depending on what ring strategy you set as well as whether or not call waiting is available.


Thanks but no, this is for regular hold. Not parking.


What part of a Q do you not like? I never indicated park on my last sentence regarding s Q, so am confused.


that was a reply to damiano70 in regards to P8503 = 1


ok, sorry


Only by login to UCM and see park list (you can create such user that can only access park.


Great! I didn’t think of this at all.


If I remember, even the BLF button associated with the parking lots showed me the clip of the waiting number and relative parking time, I had done something special, but I don’t remember.


BLF here is showing who is on park as far as CID but nothing else. Getting timer show up in BLF message would be great.



Per support its not possible to do what you saying. So you must be mistaken that it can be done.


no no it worked, but maybe it was the hold, not the park,
In any case, greatstream assistance can be found through a ticket, not in the forum, always refer to them