High Quality Outdoor IP Camera For A Storefront Entrance



Hello Everyone,

I do mostly door repair and installations in Toronto, Ontario. The Canadian weather is extremely cold and moist as you know. One of my friends owns a commercial space, and his asking me to supply and install some high quality IP camera, (on the outside of the door, over the entrance to his commercial space, right above the entry door.

He insists on top quality camera, which allow him to get clear view of the visitors, especially their faces. I have the image of the door and the entrance uploaded to my website, hope you guys can take a quick look, and let me know which camera will fit the best to this.

Would the GXV3611IR camera do the work, or I better go with GXV3674 v2

It is the first image on this page:



If you need quality then 3674 is better choice FHD version.



Thank you