Help with UCM6510 with wan and lan settings



I need to use UCM6510 such that it has its own Wan interface Ip (73.x.x.x)and configuration. But on the LAN I dont want to use it as router. I have an existing LAN network( with a Router ( that router has its own WAN(74.x.x.x).I want to plug pbx lan port( into that existing LAN network.
In zero config I want to see the phones(192.168.2.x) in Lan network .
What is the best way to achieve this and how?


You can only try dual with static routing.

I’m confused as you do not describe what for u use WAN port in your example (need gateway or not) .


Wan port is for SIP trunk and has its own Gateway
I am not sure if Dual with static routing will work because if i use dual it will show wan side IP’s in auto discover of Zero config and it will be hard to config phones


Ok i’m lost.
But as far i understand you should use ROUTER mode, just disable DHCP and set correct IP on LAN that you want UCM use. What is wrong with this ?


Yes. That is what I am thinking ; I will try that . Hopefully it will work . I just wanted to be sure about the solution because I don’t want to go on site and get stuck there.
My main concern is the phone registrations. Because in Dual I have noticed that zero config will be able to discover only for one network side and that too LAN1 or WAN. You wont be able to register phones using zero config which are on LAN2


You can but you must add more networks in zeroconfig.
Check this manual for more info.


Dual should work but you have to tell it to set the WAN port as the default interface so it gets a gateway address.

The LAN then will not get a gateway but can be statically set to the LAN network(I suppose DHCP would work, but I’d set it static.)
This should allow the phones to register to the system and when they make calls the calls go out the UCMs WAN connection, but still keep the phones accessing the internet through the Router.

There isn’t a simple way to make everything the phones do go out the UCM WAN connection(though it can be done)