Help with Ring Group Flow


Help with ring schedule

I have 7 (1000 through 1007) lines on the PBX. I am trying to get the following script but cant seem to get the right setup.

I would like lines 1000 through 1005 to all ring at the same time and I have a ring group there. After 4 rings I want all the lines to ring and additional 3 times, i.e. add
the two remaining lines. After the additional 3 rings drop into a single VM.

I have a ring group for the first lines, but I am not sure how to add the other lines after the rings/timing.

I’m sure I’m missing something… :slight_smile:

Any help appreciated!




Remember each ring is 5 seconds good guide to calculate when you say 4 rings allow 20 secs

1st ring group has all your extensions set “enable destination” to 2nd ring group ( which you must create)

then on 2nd ring group set “enable destination” to voicemail



Second, Im in idiot! :slight_smile: I was thinking that the Avail and Selected were backwards! Ugg… need more coffee!

Thanks you!!!