Help with grandstream phone



I need help and I am having trouble finding it. We have grandstream phones at our office. The business owners husband set everything up but passed away unexpectedly last year. This is also his account. I don’t even know where to start to even fix the issue we are needing help with. The phones start ringing at 9 am and stop ringing at 5pm. We need help to figure out how to change that to a later time. We are a practice that sees patients fairly late at times, and do not get the calls directly after 5pm if someone needs to cancel or if they are running late etc. Can someone please help? I know absolutely nothing about technology such as this. Thank you so much.


You should contact a professional in the area if you are not familiar with the SIP protocol


Thank you! I have reached out to IT people in the area, but do I need to research people specifically with SIP protocol experience?


Voip in general and Grandstream


Thank you so much. I really appreciate your help.


Where in Texas?
What are the phones using as a PBX?


Sorry I am just now seeing this. We are in Plano TX. I have no idea what a PBX is honestly. I have been given the run around for months now and we still have not been able to get anyone who can help us.


I just sent you a PM, check the email.