Help! my Voip company is telling me our trunk is making long distance and international calls when we aren't


I got an email from our voip supplier that told me our trunk is making calls internationally and long distance. What can i do to fix this?


sounds like your system is compromised. id change the voip company password and check the system over with a keen eye over the firewall/router.


In addition to what Kev indicated, insure that the UCM is running the latest firmware, and then look at the extension listing and see if you notice any extensions with unusual IP addresses. Also look at the CDR records and see if you can find any of the suspect calls. If they are associated to extensions, then you need to change the password to the extensions (all).


I had this happen were the system user had her PC hacked and then they log in to the UCM with the user saved link in chrome and password and setup an out dial route.
this was install by a company we took over.
but any system we install international dialing is blocked.
and we have a list of long distant numbers Frontier has ask to be blocked.
they have higher rates per min.