Help me if you can! GDS3710 with a GXV3275



Dear community, I hope someone can help me here as Grandstream does not, even though I have an open ticket since september 11th.

My problem: I have a GDS3710 and a GXV3275 (high end ;D ;D haha) phone. When I setup the GDS3710 to call the phone with direct SIP extension or direct IP the phone rings and shows an auto preview of the Video (that remains black most of the times) EVEN THOUGH THIS IS DISABLED in the settings! >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(
This happens with the latest stable and BETA firmware.

Again, I reported this to grandstream in september and they promise me every time to test it but no solution.
Does anyone have these devices to test?


  1. Did you tried to put both device at the SAME switch?
  2. Assume you enabled Preview (early media) in the GXV3275 side.
  3. Do you have SIP Proxy or UCM invovled?
  4. You mentioned direct IP, this should work if you configured correctly.
  5. Did you tried using 3rd stream at GDS SIP Advanced Setting? Or still use default 2nd stream but reduce video bit rate to 512Kbps and frame rate to 5 FPS with I-frame to 20 or 30? Usually large date flooding the network and phone’s buffer will make the back screen - a delay sometime to 15 seconds without video). Using 3rd stream in SIP call will significantly reduce that.

I have lots of customers using this combination with PoE Switch or Injector plus UPS, installed at places without internet (like remote warehouse, self-storage places, gun range), where GDS controls the door and GXV3275 with SD card stored snapshot with time stamp showing who and when entered.

Hope this helps. Please advise your case. Thank you for using Grandstream products.


Dear All,

I want to use GDS3710 and GXV3275 without using UCM in between and able to have Door Open from it, is this possible?

i think the above by @neothehacker isuggest the same.



@romush.tuladhar: Of course this works. This is typical usage case in SMB, only IP and PoE switch required. If you have Internet, it is a bonus and you can remote access them. If w/o Internet, it should still works as above forum post. In order for this to work, here is the requirement:

  1. Make sure GDS, GXV, etc, are all with latest firmware.
  2. All devices (GDS, GXV, etc) configured using STATIC IP.
  3. Hooked to the same PoE switch (no router required if no internet access) and UPS power the PoE swtich.
  4. Configure the related parameters correctly.

Here are some links for your reference:

Hope this helps. Thank you for using GDS3710 and Grandstream products.


Hi GS_Guy,

Yes we tested for a GXV3275 but seems only one IP Phone is supported by GDS3710.

Can we add two or more IP Address in the Number called? Coz its not allowing me to add.




Yes, this issue resolved in later firmware which even allow you to mix IP address and SIP extension.
See my 1st comments: Make sure GDS, GXV, etc, are all with latest firmware.

The latest firmware for GDS3710 is, please download the firmware and upgrade locally, following the release note and the Manual of upgrade utility. If you have your own TFTP or HTTP server, you can also use them instead of the utility (the utility is nothing more than a revised HTTP server).

Hope this helps. Thanks!


The firmware can be found in Grandstream website, please check out here:

Thank you for using GDS and Grandstream products.