Help identify U2110 - UMC6104


FXO port does not work after a thunderstorm
U2110 replacing from another channel solves the problem
help identify
where can i buy?


South Korea Chip Market.

Its done.


the ucm 6104 is a good lightning protection unit as you have encountered… thankfully it broke rather than sending a kv through the ucm to someone…


ok. But what to look for in the market?


very valuable, what has been done done, what to do now?


Two choices.

If it’s only the FXO port that is broken, you could replace it with an ATA. The alternative, overall superior (IMHO), and long term better solution would be to replace the UCM6102 with a UCM6202.


Yes, I need to find out what kind of chip to replace it
replacing it from another channel bears the desired result - the port starts to work
but what is this chip ???


Sorry, I can’t help you there.

This is a user to user support forum, and we don’t get into the hardware at that level as far as I’ve seen in the past. It may be best to ask Grandstream directly.


I have done a search and closest I can come is a si3019, but the packaging is wrong. It may be obsolete.