Help gxp1200



I have 2 servers registered in a domain, when one goes down or the other enters nowhere, but my gxp phones don’t register anywhere else


Sorry, but there is no question nor a full enough description to understand the details of what the issue is or the desired outcome.

I assume you have two sip servers in some type of a redundant arrangement such that when one goes down the other will take over. It is not clear if the servers have different IPs or if one is a copy of the other (meaning both will use the same IP when on-line as only 1 can be on-line at any one time). It is not known if the phones are local, remote or a combination and what they register to -direct IP or FQDN.
There are far more questions than the above, but this at least starts the conversation.


Hello, there are 2 servers in the cloud, each with a different ip, hosted on a different provider, phones connect remotely, my domain has the pointing to these two ip’s, if the main fails, the second takes over and if the first back he assumes, after fall of the first phone registers in the second all right but when the first back, phone remains authenticated in the second, not back to the first.


This is an extremely old phone and I suspect that the issue is that the you are using a FQDN in the SIP server field. When the phone attempts to register, it resolves the FQDN to the IP of the PBX. So, I am of the opinion, that when the 1st PBX fails the second PBX comes on-line and the FQDN resolves to the second PBX. I am uncertain of how the resolution is being done on your end so the phone knows which to conteact, but I will assume you have that covered somehow.

My take is that the phone is not aware of when the 1st PBX comes back on-line. So, the questions are: when the 1st does come back on-line, what happens to the second PBX? My guess is nothing and the 2nd PBX will continue to satisfy any requests sent its way. So, that leaves the DNS and the phone and how they interact with one another. When the pjhone registration expires, does it make a new query to resolve the FQDN and if so, is the 1st PBX IP offered? You should be able to wireshark this and see. To me it is about how the phone is made aware that the 1st PBX is back on-line and able to resolve to its IP.

As the phone is obsolete and no more updates are available, the fix, if any, will need to be orchestrated on your end.


Thanks for the reply, is had imagined that the phones are dangerous and may not meet this need, but in this case, when I access the domain he accesses my first pabx, when the first falls, and I try to access my domain again he already access the second, when the first round he accesses again for the first, the two always remain online, saw something on the internet with dns srv but I don’t know how to process, because exactly what you said, he remains authenticated in the second for more than the first go back to work, I don’t know how to make it work, I have about 200 of these phones connected and I need to create this redundancy in the cloud, due to some failures that are happening in my region, in terms of providers.


What is the DNS server that the phones use?


My domain is on Hostgate, the dns set up on the phones is from Google, if I understand your question.


I no of no way to do what you seek. You do not control the DNS and the phone only know to find a server based upon how you are directing them to use one of the other hosted service.