Help, 13 Crashes since updating to FW


@Marcin, Do you recall if your system has had any mp3’s uploaded for audio files?
If not, then that could also explain why you system is working fine.

@Chromers, How about you?


I have received pretty much the same info via my ticket I opened.

From Grandstream Support
“It’s a known issue generated by the voice prompts with mp3. Please advise the customer to import these voice prompts with mp3 again, the system will translate the format from mp3 to wav.”

@GS.Jimmy a few questions…,
How long have they know about this issue?

How would we go about getting this info added to the “IMPORTANT UPGRADING NOTE” section of the release notes for firmware version

Do you think this issue will be fixed in the next beta firmware, or perhaps a new stable firmware will be issued to address this issue? If so could you give us an ETA?


Just received a new response from support in my ticket I had created…

From Grandstream Support
“We will release soon beta version including the fix for the Mp3 MoH issue, along with updated release note.”

So I will just keep the ucm on for now, and try the new beta version when it is released.


The issue was discovered shortly after was released officially.



I forgot to follow this thread, since we downgraded and then it was working fine again.

However we plan to upgrade to 1.18.12.

I can’t remember in which format we uploaded the MOH files but if I look now in the MOH-Area there are only wav files.

However is it now save to upgrade to 1.18.12? I couldn’t find any info about this in the release notes.
@Bionic did you already upgraded your box to 1.18.12 without any issues?


@Chromers, Yes I have upgraded to the latest firmware and haven’t experienced this reboot issue again.