Help, 13 Crashes since updating to FW


I upgraded a UCM6102 FW to FW on 7/2/2018 @ 10:19PM. Since that time, till now (7/4/2018 1:16PM) the UCM has crashed 13 times.

The most recent crash error error I receive is:
asterisk process crash happend! The system has automatic recovery, Coredump file create time is: 2018-07-04 12:09:01 , Coredump file is: core.asterisk-1530724141-

The other 12 crashes are the same but has the current time when the crash happened and a different coredump file name listed.

While on I never crashed. According to the logs before I updated to the server hadn’t crashed or rebooted in over 70 days, and when it did, it was was only due to a firmware upgrade to So the fact that the server has crashed 13 times in a few days is very problematic.

I have also opened a ticket with Grandstream and submitted to them the core dump file.

Other then going back to FW is there anything I should try or do?


May not help, but nothing to lose; take a backup of the current setup, factory reset the UCM and then restore from the backup,


Best is open ticket to GS directly. They are able to read coredump and see what wrong.
You can also try syslog, maybe it show at list hint of problem ? best wioll be keep it on externall source as UCM is limited, then check crash date and see what you find in syslog.


I haven’t heard back from Grandstream yet, but yesterday was a holiday… I did send them the syslog as well.

Yesterday I had to end up downgrading back to FW It has been running stable ever since.

Also just in case anyone else needs to downgrade from to, the downgrade was not as simple as just installing the firmware. After I downgraded to no extensions would register. They would all fail, then subsequently be blocked by Fail2ban. I am glad I took a config backup before I originally upgraded the Firmware to So I went in and did a config restore. Config restore went smooth, device rebooted. Please note that the config restore & reboot did not automatically clear the Fail2Ban entries… After config restore from backup and reboot, I had to manually delete the Fail2Ban entries that had been created. After that all phones where able to register like normal , and everything has been working smooth on!


Well, let me add to the list.

I just upgraded my 6102 from 16.20 to 17.16. Upon UCM reboot my ITSP’s IP was Fail2Ban blacklisted and I had no trunks.

A reboot of the UCM did not solve the problem. I had to manually delete the Fail2BAN entry to get my trunks up (I assume, but don’t know for sure, that once the entry expired all would be ok again; but then again I can’t see a reason why it got onto the blacklist in the first place).

I added the ITSP’s FQDN to the Fail2ban Whitelist for good measure.

So far, all seems right…


Received a reply from Grandstream support on yesterday.

The reply was:

“Thank you for the coredump. I will escalate this case to the dev team.”

I will keep yall updated as to what I find out with this issue.


Just received a new msg from support.

From Grandstream Support
“UCM61xx has lower hardware resources than the UCM62xx, for the newest firmware version use UCM62xx.”

In the mean time until they can find out exactly what the issue is, they have recommended not to put on the UCM61XX. I will continue to keep you all posted on this…


Hi Bionic,
how many extensions are registered to your UCM6102?
I did an upgrade on my 6104 as soon as was availible.
No crashes since then at all…runs smoothly until now.
Regards Michael



I just want to report that we had exactly the same problem with a UCM6510, the only solution to get it functional again was to downgrade to the and to apply a backup. Unfortunately we didn’t took a core dump. Asterisk crashed on every incoming call and did a restart.


I have a total of 18 Extensions configured. Typically only 10 of the 18 extensions configured are even registered, the other 8 most stay logged out of the pbx and are only used as softphones on various computers and cell phones.


Did you open a ticket with support? What did they say?


Ha! I love this. They’re basically saying “you can’t use the firmware we released for this device because this device isn’t able to run this firmware.”

Come on Grandstream; no wonder you look like the T-Mobile of the VoIP world. Get your stuff together and start doing better QA on your releases.



we didn’t opened a support ticket. We had to find a quick solution to get it up again.


Wait. Just to confirm. The 61xx 17.16 release that is available from the firmware page is NOT recommended to be installed in UCM 61XX systems? That makes no sense.


I just received a new reply to my trouble ticket I submitted.

From Grandstream Support
“If the crashes are persistent i would recommend to downgrade the UCM. Our dev team still on the process of reviewing the coredump.”

So I guess they are not going to issue a blanket statement “Do not install on UCM61XX”. They really don’t know what the problem is at this point. The hardware reply that they gave me earlier was maybe just a shot in the dark… @Chromers is having the exact same problem on the UCM6510

1GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor
512 MB DDR Ram, 4GB NAND Flash

1GHz quad-core Cortex A9 processor
1GB DDR3 Ram, 32GB Flash

Different hardware but exact same problem.


PLEASE keep us up to date on the results of the GS support ticket. We can’t be having UCM6X00 and UCM6Y00 issues with latest - supposedly stable - firmware that’s - supposedly - supposed to run on all devices.


To users that are experiencing frequent crashing issues, please check to see if any uploaded audio files (MoH, voice prompts, etc.) are in mp3 format. If so, delete them and reupload them, and the UCM will automatically convert them to wav format.


Ok. So this is on a firmware upgrade or just any crashes that start on an otherwise stable system?


Any crashes if the UCM has had fw installed before.


I think there is more then firmware. My unit started with fw 1.0.2.x i think.
Now i have 17.xx and no crashes. I could skip this version, but if that was official i doubt.