Headset with EHS on GXV3350


Has anyone had any sucess with a headset working with the GXP3350 where the EHS (electronic hook switch) buttons on the headset work? If so, can you share the headset and cable used?


Built-in Bluetooth for syncing with mobile devices and connecting Bluetooth headsets…

You can use a Mobile Headset and pair it to the handset via BlueTooth… I have done it on a GXP-2140 just as a gag and found I could pair my Huawei Talkband B2… it has a button where I can answer and hangup…




Unfortunately my dongle for my Jabra headset doesn’t work with this phone even though it emulates the Plantronics EHS.

Which Plantronics headset are you using with which cable?


Which Jabra Headset ?


The Engage 75 models work with the GXV3370 - should work with the 3350


Hi David,

Plantronics CS510A with APD-80 Adapter Cable

If you need a success story from a lucky guy who dared to implement what I discovered:

On GXV3350 side:
At the phone itsself go to settings (gear)
go to basic>
RJ9plug/EHS Headset
and enable this additionally to the plantronics settings in the GUI to get EHS working.
Unfortunately this setting is not availible from GUI and you have to do this on the phone manually.

If your EHS doesn´t work with your Jabra Adapter it perhaps might be also a wiring issue.
Could you open the Jabra Adapter Box and have a look inside?
If there isn´t even electronic in it, there should be a simple solution found for it.
To test some other wiring you can also crimp another RJ/RJ cable and plug a RJ/RJ Adapter in between.

Best regards Michael


Jabra Pro 9450.

The dongles works with the GXP phones beautifully.


On the phone, under Basic -> Peripherals -> the Plug in RJ9/EHS heaset is turned on

On the Web GUI under System Settings -> Preferences -> Audio Control -> Headset Type is set to Plantronics.

Did I miss something?

There is no way to open up the dongle as it is a sealed unit



But does the EHS work?

And are you using RJ9 or Bluetooth?


No that´s all you have to to.
5 mins. ago I unboxed the gxv3350 test-phone again (sleeps until new FW comes up) and plugged the RJ connector off the GRP2615 and plugged it to the gxv3350 ->EHS works as it should.
Call comes in ->beepbeepbeep in the headset ->pressing the offhook button on the headset ->call connected. ->press again -> hangup->works.
If you then aktivate “always ring speaker” (found under phone settings->call settings) you will see the phone is also signaling, which is most times wanted.

Jabra box:
Mostly such a box can be opened with a sharp knife at some point.
If it doesn´t work as you want, you cannot loose :wink:
If it doesn´t have some electronic in it (the housing looks like that) you coulf perhaps also measure the wiring with a cheap network cable tester


Did you bother to click onto the link for the Jabra website where you can see the interoperability for Grandstream handsets?


Without the 3rd party dongle EHS never worked properly with Grandstream phones.

Yes I looked; the 3350 is not listed but the 3370 is.


The 3370 and 3350 runs almost the same firmware. There’s a good chance it would work.


That is exactly why I had decided to use Bluetooth technology and offer EHS via Bluetooth capable headsets.
Most Jabra/Plantronics/Mobile headsets that are Bluetooth enabled will work with Grandstream Bluetooth.

I recently purchased a throw away ($15 from the reject shop) Bluetooth headset that I was able to connect to the Grandstream and use the EHS capability to my Grandstream GXP2140 handset.I was gob smacked at how easy it was and that it worked well enough to use.