Headset Win!


Hello All,

As I’ve said in previous posts, I’m frustrated by the lack of documentation regarding headsets. It’s not just GS, it the lack of a standard. The issues with Jabra telling me something is compatible only to get the headset and find out it’s not. Endless problems.

Well, for the GRP line of phones, I’m super excited because I tried out a sub $50 Bluetooth headset and it’s amazing. Only one day one of testing but, so far, it freaking works great!

Canadian Amazon Link:

I couldn’t find the same make and model on Amazon US but, take a look, this is the exact same thing. They are visually identical.

US Amazon Link:

*Tried this on my cell phone. Works great.
*Button on the headset to answer and hand up, works great!
*Volume buttons on the headset are small and hard to use but, I am spoiled by the touch bar on the Jabra 9400 that was 6 or 7 times the cost.

Neither link is an affiliate link.


The only issue I’ve run into to date, you have to watch to ensure it’s charging when you set it down. It’s magnetic but, a little spongy. It can feel like it’s clicked in but, you need to watch the light. It really only takes a second.


Hi Mate,
We have used this MPOW before and it was also working great. We then tried the MPOW BH231A which is a more advanced model. Looks the same as the ones you have been using. However, with the MPOW BH231A, we cannot get it to answer incoming calls by pushing the button on the headset. With the smaller unit that works fine.
Using the MPOW BH231A on an iPhone also works perfectly to answer calls. Can you confirm that you were able to answer calls, we are using GRP2614 in this case.