Headset Jack - Location and Cover



The cover for the headset should be made of rubber.
The jack itself is not located on a good positions. It should be on the top or the bottom of the handset.
The location make it difficult to use inside a pocket.


Totally agree, headset jack should be on top ideally so the cord can come straight off a belt clip or out of a pocket.

Bottom would work too.


put on top will interfere the RF antenna.


I guess engineers can figure out on a solution for that.


I think as well it is not in a optimal position because of the “putting in pocket” reason.
Beside the other points… Which headset should work with it? I tried the headset of my Samsung Galaxy S7 this seem not to work?

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don’t many headsets (not headphones) include a 90 degree plug? Would this not work fine in the current location? I do still agree with the rubber cover as the plastic will not last if people are using it a lot.


fun fact: the DP722 has the usb charge port in the bottom and the headset jack on the side! :slight_smile: