Has anyone seen the new hardware v2 series GXW42xx yet?


Looking at the firmware page, there appears to be a new version of GXW42xx released.

“v2” units use (as of this writing) version firmware and are not the same as the “v1” hardware units, in that they will have “v2” printed on the label, along with a random admin password to make the devices more secure by default than the “v1” units.

However, there are no release notes available for the “v2” firmware… On top of that, there is some confusion as to how the user-agent string presents itself to a provisioning server so that a server can properly decide if the device is v1 or v2, since prior to this “v2” appearance, our user agent strings from “v1” devices have actually shown major hardware versions from 1 through 3 anyhow.


They will have same fw, probably some minor HW change.


Actually no. They are completely different firmware families. I was able to get a response from Grandstream Support on this, and the way you will tell the difference in provisioning is the user-agent string will have “V2” appended to the model number…

For example, the “v1” hardware GXW4248 would have something like:
Grandstream Model HW GXW4248 V2.3B SW DevId 000b82xxxxxx

But the newer “v2” units will have something like this:
Grandstream Model HW GXW4248V2 V1.5A SW DevId 000b82xxxxxx

#4 is initial, only new fw will have release note

#5 was released earlier, thus the weird instructions on how to update to on the firmware page, so its kind of odd there are no release notes


I was told they were supposed to be released already but supply chain issues. They will work with gdms.cloud where the v1 are not planned to be part of their remote management platform.


I thought v2 would upgrade hardware with 2 network ports, but actually it still only has 1 LAN