Hardware feedback



Here’s my feedback from the hardware that I’ve received:

  • The buttons don’t feel very responsive. Sometimes you have to press them just the right way to activate.
  • There are no labels/icons for the volume up/down and PTT keys
  • The speakers and microphone have great audio quality
  • The back panel’s plastic feels very cheap and prone to getting scratched
  • The screen has great image quality. It’s very sharp and the colors feel right.
  • The holster should have some sort of locking mechanism, so I can prevent it from spinning

Also, I’d like to suggest the following:

  • A rugged version of the WP800, for industrial use
  • Possibly embedded a bar code scanner on top of the device, so it could be used in warehouses, etc.


We agree with the case and holster thoughts:

And somewhere, we suggested a “pro” version of the phone (WiFi Configuration) that includes, among other things, a network interface to make bulk provisioning easier. Making that a rugged version, complete with MIL-STD-810G certification, would be sweet for our factory customers.



First, thanks for the feedback. We have a question below:

Is it only a particular key having this issue or every key?



I retested and It seems it’s the “8” key which was giving me issues. If I press the sides of the key, it doesn’t activate (the same doesn’t happen with other keys). In order to activate the key I need to press the center.



We noted this concern and will improve in future production batch.