Handsfree Mode (Calls from Mobile on GXV3380) AND Bluetooth Headset Simultaneously


I’m evaluating the GXV3380 for our organisation and I’ve discovered that I can pair but not use a bluetooth headset whilst the bluetooth settings on this phone has “Enable Handsfree Mode” active. In order to use a bluetooth headset I have to disable this mode. But without this mode, I cannot answer calls from my mobile on the GXV3380.

Is it not possible to use both of these modes together? My ideal would be to take calls from my mobile on the bluetooth headset if I wished to do so, along with SIP calls on the bluetooth headset etc. However, I would settle for being able to use the bluetooth headset with SIP calls and just the handset/speaker for calls from my mobile.

I’m concerned, however, that these features might be mutually exclusive and neither of the above will be possible. This would be a real shame as it means that one of them will end up being unused as no user is going to switch between them manually whenever they want to make a call with their mobile or switch to using a bluetooth headset.

Did I miss something, or is this the way it is?


Can’t you pair your BT headset with both your mobile and SIP phone? That’s what I’ve done.


Thanks for the response Jazz - it’s a good suggestion and that does work for one of my use cases, but sometimes BT headsets can be a bit weird when paired like that - I find that if you’re on one call and the other phone rings it can sometimes steal the audio until the ringing stops. That’s probably a different problem to troubleshoot though I guess :wink:

The issue here, if indeed you can’t have both Handsfree Mode AND a Bluetooth Headset connected to the GXV3380 at one time is that I can’t answer mobile calls using the handset on the GXV3380 (which is a really nice feature) and also use the bluetooth headset the next minute for making calls on the GXV3380 without going through the manual step of disabling/enabling Handsfree mode every time I want to switch my use case. It would be great if the GXV3380 could either have both modes active simultaneously, or automatically switch modes when a call comes in on the mobile - even if this does mean that the bluetooth headset cannot be used to answer these calls.

As an aside, I’m not a bluetooth expert so I can’t say for sure, but it does seem that it’s technically possible to have a mobile/cell phone connected via bluetooth and also a BT headset, at least on a PC, as “Windows Your Phone” does exactly this. My bluetooth headset is connected to my PC, my mobile/cell is connected to my PC, and I can take audio calls from the mobile/cell using the bluetooth headset this way.